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How Green60 APP can SAVE you TIME and MONEY

  • Messy Time Cards   No Way
  • Buddy Punching      Never
  • Card Lost                 Nope
  • Biometric                  No Money
  • Time Punching System  Not Use


9 Reasons to have Green60 APP for Your Business

Saving time is one the elements of helping the end result. Technology is there to help you SAVE time and money and at the same time have 100% accuracy. You may be able to obtain following the time-saving methods outlined above.

Here are some benefits of obtaining our APP:

  • Happier Employee

  • Accurate Payments

  • Compliance with Government Rules & Regulations

  • Prevent any penalty and interest

  • Use other people experience

  • Spent more time on what you are good at

  • Spent time with your family

  • Effect the net profit of the company

  • Improve the quality and performance of your work.

  • Get more things done.

 By bundling Payroll Processing with our APP you will experience the following:

  • Register each employee in and out in real time

  • Calculate each employees work hours.

  • Convert hours to decimals (% of 100)

  • Separate regular, overtime, and double time

  • Place restriction on employee check in before their lunch hour is over

  • Generate reports for any period of time

  • Send a text to each employee to view and approve their time

  • Keep the records indefinitely

  • Prevent buddy punching and cheating on their time cards

  • Print or save data on your device.

  • Restrict to specific locations


Our Green60 APP allows you to be in compliance with government laws. Payroll compliance is a set of policies and procedures that businesses use to ensure their payroll practices adhere to federal, state, and local labor and tax law. Payroll compliance is important because it affects how employees are paid, payroll schedules, employee classification, and tax withholding and deposits.

Some key requirements of payroll compliance include: 

  • Calculating payroll

  • Paying employees

  • Filing payroll-related government forms

  • Submitting withholdings from employee pay

  • Submitting employer-owed payroll taxes

  • Filing end-of-year payroll taxes and reports

Some legal requirements for payroll include: 

  • Paying employees the correct minimum wage

  • Providing statutory holiday pay

  • Maintaining accurate records

  • Providing employees with certain documents, such as paystubs and other forms

Employers that violate any of these laws may face penalties that could negatively affect their bottom line or even put them out of business. 

Business owners can also conduct payroll audits to help prevent or minimize fraud and embezzlement threats. In general, you should conduct a payroll audit at least annually, but quarterly or monthly mini-audits can provide more comprehensive insights.

There are some benefits to having a “Happy Employee”,

  • Increased productivityHappy employees are more productive and take pride in their work. This can lead to increased profit for the company.

  • Employee retention-Happy employees are less likely to leave their position.

  • Happier customers– Engaging employees in their work boosts their job satisfaction and overall happiness, which actually makes them better at serving clients. 

  • Employee engagementEngaged employees feel proud of their job and their workplace. They are more motivated and productive when they’re doing something they like and are good at. 

Payroll expenses are the costs associated with paying employees for their work. These expenses include gross pay, withholdings, and payroll taxes. 

To manage payroll expenses effectively, businesses need to collect, analyze, and maintain data. 

Payroll internal controls are steps businesses take to protect payroll data and ensure accurate records. These controls can also prevent employees from accessing confidential information or stealing money through overpayments and false time records. 

Some examples of payroll internal controls include: 

  • Segregation of duties: Prevents any single person from having complete control over payroll

  • Authorization and approval procedures: Establish a process for change authorization

  • Payroll audits: Conduct regular payroll audits

  • Software: Use software for time sheet and payroll verification

  • Payroll review: Perform a final payroll review and regularly review payroll trends

Other controls for payroll include: 

  • Controls for efficiency

  • Safeguarding payroll disbursements

  • Testing employees’ skills and interest to perform their job

  • Establishing a policy for hiring and firing employees

We offer a 100% accuracy guarantee.

Payroll accuracy is important for several reasons, including: 

  • Legal compliance

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Financial stability

  • Employee costs are the biggest expense for most organizations

  • A payroll mistake can cost a business de

It is of great importance to make sure we pay the employees the correct amount. This will avoid legal disputes between employer and employee. Our Green60 APP will help you calculate the hours and convert them to decimals to be able to pay them the correct amount.

Our Green60 APP allows the employee to access their timesheet to review only. They are able to submit any expense or mileage reports as well as submit a time-off request through the APP. This allows you to have an archive of all the payroll expense.

Our Green60 APP allows you to keep track of their time when employees have different schedules.

Our Green60 APP allows the electronically review and sign the timesheet. By signing the timesheet they also agree that they took their breaks and lunches as mandated by the government. This prevents any disputes or lawsuits between employer and employee.

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