In today’s market of technology, more applications are accessible by mobility whether stationary or moving position. This mobility is made by transmissions between cell towers of network and the phone as such we have become a user of instant access anytime of the day. We have created an application for the employers for its employee to track date/time/hours and calculating pay with effortless usage in eliminating human error. I know from my 25 years of experience that there are other ways to calculate your employee’s time but I have found it to be tedious and mundane task. Our app was exclusively designed to alleviate laws to protect your company from errors and loss time disputes.


We offer an unbeatable price for our services. Low monthly fees and pay as you go.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect technology in an environmentally safe, paperless way to operate as an extension of your company with a seamless experience resulting in accuracy, speed, protection with the laws of the state relating to lawsuits and 100% confidential secure settings.

The Green60App is accessible from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In over 3 decade years of accounting service, I have discovered the necessary way to ensure my company stays safe and protected in a working environment, both for my employees and company. My App is now a patent pending mobile time tracking device called Green60App. I believe and back my technological product 100% which I now implement at a workplace setting.

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