Employers can review the hours of their employees at anytime using any mobile device. Employers are able to view when and how long the employee took when they go on breaks and lunch.The Green 60 app can be set to send notifications, via email or text message, to employers whenever an employee is late, not scheduled to work but have clocked in/out anyway, or check the frequency of breaks taken by the employee. Times can be altered by a supervisor, or an administrator, whenever an employee forgot to clock in/out. Any alteration to any times can be validated and checked if the person who made the changes is authorized to perform the task.

The Green 60 system is built to process standard, overtime, double time, and alternative work schedules (10+ hours shift). The system is also able to schedule weekly or monthly hours. Worked hours can be viewed and sorted by daily, weekly, or any preferred range in time. In order to prevent fraud, an employer is able to see which mobile phone is used to register an employees time in and out. With the aid of the GPS technology built in our mobile phones, an employer is able to see the location where the employee checked in or out. The system
also has an option to restrict or unrestrict employees.

There are no required equipment or software purchases to utilize this technology. This app has the ability to seemlessly transfer the logged work hours to our state of the art payroll service and generate reports.

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